Who tops? its gotta be you liam its gotta be liam

my name is katie and i live in lomdon
liam and zayn tbh

ok can someone write an au based off these gifs where zayn and liam are boxers right and there like rivals and hate each other blah blah blah (but not really because liam thinks zayns incredibly hot and might sorta have a crush on him and zayn thinks liams the most adorable person in the world not like he checks the news for him or spends a little extra time looking at liams picture when he’s in the paper and zayn really doesn’t wanna hit liam or have this match with him but he sorta has too) anyway they have to go through like a two week training program or something like that(idk about boxing soz) and of course just there luck they get paired to work out together to get to know the competition or something and theres all this pent up sexual frustration and somehow they end up fucking inside the boxing ring and ok yeah maybe liams crush for zayn grows and zayn might feel something for zayn and they both really really don’t wanna have that match and i don’t know where I’m going with this but someone write this please please please 

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    I would, so would, but i have like 2 things to work on before i could start this.
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